Young researchers should publish with less peer review restrictions

Centre for Young Researchers is a platform devoted to the articles written by young researchers on international affairs with a long-term aim to turn the platform into an internationally recognized think tank. The centre is a non-profit internet-based platform uniting young people from all around the globe. It is not affiliated with any government, political party, or institution as we aim to keep the centre fully independent. Our common language is English and as of beginning, we focus on international affairs in Eurasia leaving open door for further growth
OUR MISSION: We strongly believe that uniting young researchers will enhance the future of the research. The centre is dedicated to providing an open platform for publishing policy analysis and academic articles. Giving young researchers a chance to publish freely is our priority.
OUR GOAL: Nowadays it is hard to publish any kind of articles for young political science students and graduates due to high level of restrictions and control (peer review system). We aim to minimize the control. Thus, young graduates/students can freely publish their works, make their own profile, and use it as a bridge to the high level of research databases