III International scientific and practical conference “500 Hundred Years of Using the Concept of ‘Psychology’ in Literature, Art, Science and Practice (upon the fact of the first mention of this word in the bibliography of works of Marko Marulic)”

The purpose of the conference: the revival of interest of researchers in the history of science and the history of psychological culture.

Issues for discussion:

  • Psychology as a brand, brands of psychology.
  • Names and eponyms in psychology.
  • Past and present: the development of regional psychological practice.
  • Psychological scientific schools.
  • The history of psychological concepts, methods and problems.
  • “A long childhood” of psychology. Treasury of humanities (literature) and journalistic stage of development of psychological knowledge.
  • Integration and interdisciplinary of psychological knowledge.
  • Prospects of psychology …?

Conference languages: Russian, English.

Conference materials will be published in the scientific journal » Bulletin on pedagogigs and psychology of Southern Siberia » in a paper version and in Electronic Scientific Journal «PEM: Psychology. Educology. Medicine ». Send your applications for participation in the conference to e-mail: lchpr@rambler.ru  (editor Leonid Chuprov).

The previous two sessions of the conference «The international scientific conference «500 Hundred Years of Using the Concept of ‘Psychology’» (January 12 — 30 December 2014), passed in 2014, were nominated for the National professional psychological contest «Golden Psyche — 2014 » http://psy.su/psyche/projects/1489/

Participation in the conference:

Registration fee — 150 rubles (3$) per page (for publication in the hardcopy version) + cost of delivery of proceedings/ journal. Certificate of participation (available on request to executive secretary). Publication in electronic version (short paper) — 100 rubles per page (2$), with free online access at — http://pem.esrae.ru/ «PEM: Psychology. Educology. Medicine »*. Pay only after receiving the news about the decision on your paper.

Participants for the timely preparation of conference materials and programs should send the following documents before November 30, 2015 (inclusive) to the organizing committee to lchpr@rambler.ru:

  • an application (the form is below);
  • full paper or short paper in electronic form (file called by the name of the author).

These materials are subject to internal review to Russian and foreign reviewers, and if it is necessary, the organizing committee can edit the received materials.

If material is more than 4 pages, it is accepted as a full paper to the journal «Bulletin on pedagogy and psychology of Southern Siberia». If material is less than 4 pages, it is accepted as a short paper for the proceedings  of the conference (special issue of the journal) in «PEM: Psychology. Educology. Medicine » (on the website).

Requirements for publication:

Submissions must include the name (in small letters), last names and initials of the authors, the full name of the place of work / study, E-Mail. Requirements for registration: A4, all margins of 20 mm, space one and a half, font Times New Roman 14 pt. The text should be typed in text editor Microsoft WORD, drawings are included in the text of materials. It is necessary to send the Abstract and Keywords together with your material in a separate file.


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