A Fichtean Perspective on Nietzsche’s Will to Power

The notion of the “will to power” is one of Nietzsche’s most renowned and debated concepts. It has mostly been denied any connection to German idealism, although it is widely known to be an offshoot of Schopenhauer’s “will to live”. I will consider it in light of Fichte’s notion of the will, exploring its relations to the thing-in-itself, the moral order of the world, and biology. On my analysis, Nietzsche may have retained some of Schopenhauer’s idealist meaning in his concept of the will to power. Tracing these elements back to Fichte may be helpful in rethinking Nietzsche’s stance towards idealist philosophy and provide us with a fresh look at the history of Schopenhauer reception.

Friday 15th of September, 16.40-18.10
room 508 of the Humanities Faculty, Staraya Basmannaya ulitsa 21/4, Moscow, Russia

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